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Anyone Here/ Half a Try

This binary song was written while I was living in London and listening to a lot of English and American psychodelia. It is about the difficulties of making friends in an environment where everything has to be taken at face value and no history is known. A coming of age tale, learning to develop love and empathy as the people you know grow and change, new lives are born, old ones fade.

Your own place in the scene becomes clear

Travel Blues Parts 1,2 & 3

I am borrowing the term "blues" here.

It is not a song from the blues tradition, but rather the longing that traveling can evoke. relationships are formed, they come to nothing through no fault or reason, then almost effortlessly it all changes, but never settles.

Is There Anybody Out There?

A cry from the bottom of a bottle. emotional content is lost or misplaced as the intellect tries to analyse the void.

Dusty Angel

This song was written to celebrate the strange synchronicity of meeting someone and before you have spoken, you know this will be an important friendship

It Doesn't Matter Anyway

I had been living in a tent in France for nearly 3 months. I was by a lake and I had nothing but time, a bottle of wine and enough energy to get me to the next town.

I had it all.


One of my earliest songs originated in a rather indulgent night falling asleep while watching Casablanca.

From this lucid dream I began constructing the song and on awakening continued the process.

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